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rent▓ a few miles away" in the Yi area. This is the primary reason why the Yis in various areas are so different from one another in the ways they make a living.The Yi areas are rich in natural resources. The Jinsha River running through Sichuan and Yun
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nan and its tributaries su

c. Vast forests stretch across the Yi areas, where Yunnan pine, masson pine, dragon spruce, Chinese pine and other timber trees, lacquer, tea, camphor, kapok and other trees of economic value grow in great n▓umbers. The forests teem with wild animals and plants ▓as well as pilose antler, musk, bear gallbladders and med▓icinal herbs such as poris cocos and

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pseudoginseng.Canadian▓ scientists are breeding a special type of cow desig▓ned to burp less, a breakthrough that could reduce a big sou▓rce of greenhouse gases responsible for global warming.C▓ows are responsible for nearly three-quarters of t▓otal methane emissions, according to Environment Canada. Most of the gas comes from bovine burps,

which are 20▓ times more potent than carbon dioxide as a greenhous▓e gas.Stephen Moore, a professor at the University of Alb▓erta in Edmonton, is examining the genes responsible ▓for methane produced from a cow's four stomachs in order to breed more efficient, environmentally friendly cows.The professor of agricultural, food and nutritional▓ science completed primary tests using traditional techniques to breed efficient animals that produce 25 perce▓nt less methane than less efficient animals.But more work▓ needs to be done before the long-term impact is known. Mo▓ore's study was published earlier this year in the Journal of Animal Science.WASHINGTON, June 2 (Xinhua) -- Mamm▓als change their dietary niches based on climate-driv▓en environmental changes, contradicting a common assumpt▓ion that species maintain their niches despite globa▓l warming, a new U.S. study to be published Wednesday in U.S. journal PLoS ONE shows.Led by Florida Museum of Natural History vertebrate paleontologist Larisa DeSantis, researchers examined fossil teeth from mammals at two sites representing different climates in F▓lorida: a glacial period about 1.9 million years ago a▓nd a warmer, interglacial period about 1.3 million years ago. The researchers found that interglacial warming re▓sulted in dramatic changes to the diets of animal groups▓ at both sites."When people are modeling future mammal d▓istributions, they're assuming that the niches of mammal▓s today are going to be the same in the future," DeSa▓ntis said. "That's a huge assumption."Co-author Robert Feranec, curator of vertebrate paleontology at the New York State Museum, said scientists cannot predict what species will do based on their current ecology."The stud▓y definitively shows that climate change has an eff▓ect on ecosystems and mammals, and that the responses are much more complex than we might think," Feranec said.The two sites in the study, both on Florida's Gulf Coast,▓ have been excavated quite extensively, DeSantis said. During glacial periods, lower sea levels nearly doub▓led Florida's width, compared with interglacial peri▓ods. But because of Florida's low latitude, no ice sheets were present during the glacial period. Despite the la▓ck of glaciers in Florida, the two sites show dramatic ecological changes occurred between the two periods.B▓oth sites include some of the same animal groups, al▓lowing DeSantis, Feranec

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ortheastern Yunnan are enorm

and Bruce MacFadden, Florida Museum curator of vertebrate paleontology, to clarify how mammals and their environments responded to

ous sources of water power. The

interglacial▓ warming.The research examined carbon and oxygen isotopes within tooth enamel to u

Yi areas are n▓ot only rich in

nderstand the diets of m▓edium to large mammals, including pronghorn, deer, llamas, ▓peccaries, tapirs, ho

coal and iron, but a

rn and southern Yunnan abound in dozens

, a group of extinct elephant-like animals.Dif

of mineral
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